Annyeong my fine sunshines! I'm Emma, hailin' from the Isle of Wight, in the questioningly merry-ol'-England.
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I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that Lee Soo Man is the FOUNDER of SM, not the acting CEO. the douche that’s making this all happening is Kim Young Min.

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my mom told me i can’t reblog from you anymore

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Steal her look: Scarlet Takes A Tumble:

Yves Saint Laurent Classic Short Sleeve Pocket T Shirt Black ($495.00)

Nydj Lindsey Wide-Leg Chambray Drawstring Pant ($89.95)

Prada Brown Leather Ankle Strap Basketweave Wedges ($281.99)

American Drew 792-760 Cherry Grove Oval Leg Table ($1,315.00)

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Jessica: *wakes up from 34hour nap*
*Checks phone and goes on the internet*
"SNSDs Jessica says she is leaving SNSD*
Jessica: *looks ahead*
Jessica: I am?
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someone please make a meme masterpost of every tumblr meme ever

it doesn’t have all of them but it has a lot of them

this is so surreal honestly its like traveling through time

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[HQ] Juniel Interview Photo - 1400 x 2101

[HQ] Juniel Interview Photo - 1400 x 2101

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Leaving or not, victim or not, you have a special place in my heart. No matter what anyone says, I will stick by your side and support whatever you choose to do as a career choice. You are in so much pain right now and I want you to recover from this and come back strong. Love you always Jessica Jung ♡

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who allowed this???

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